The Persian Empire

Kuhrt, Amélie: The Persian Empire

A Corpus of Sources from the Achaemenid Period. Two volumes (complete). Volume I: Part 1: Prehistory and formation of the empire (c.750-520). Part 2: Achaemenid history and its problems. - Volume 2: Part 3: Kings and kingship. Part 4: Achaemenid imperial organisation. - This set of books contains the most complete collection of raw material for reconstructing the history of the Achaemenid Persian Empire to date. Studying Achaemenid history has been difficult in the past because original sources include texts from hugely disparate origins, many different languages and various periods in history; the risk is to rely too heavily on biased and often inaccurate Greek and Roman sources. Amelie Kuhrt presents here an unprecedented collection of key texts to form a balanced representation of all aspects of the Empire, in translations from their original Greek, Old Persian, Akkadian, Hebrew, Aramaic, Egyptian or Latin. Kuhrt selects from classical writers, the Old Testament, royal inscriptions, administrative documents and Babylonian historical writing, as well as the evidence of monuments, artefacts and archaeological sites. All material is accompanied by a detailed introduction to the sources and guidelines to their interpretation. Zwei Bände, zus. LX,1.020 Seiten mit 216 Abb. und 13 Tab., gebunden (Routledge 2007) textsauberes Exemplar mit leichten Gebrauchsspuren, leicht berieben und bestoßen/text clean copy with slight signs of wear, slightly rubbed und bumped

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