An Indian Tartuffe

An Indian Tartuffe

P.K. Atre's Comedy »Where there is a Guru there are Women«. Translated with an introduction by Catharina Kiehnle. Bilingual English/Marathi. The adaptation of Molières »Tartuffe« by P.K. Atre (a well-known author of the Indian Federal State Maharashtra) from the year 1963 fits well into the tradition of critical texts and popular jokes since the Indian Middle Ages. With great skills the author has adapted the French scenario of the 17th Century into the India of the 20th Century naturally with some characteristic changes. In order to facilitate the entrance into the Hindu world for western readers, the translation is accompanied by detailed notes and an introduction. The volume contains additionally a edition of the piece in Marathi. 204 Seiten, broschiert (Drama und Theater in Südasien; Band 5/Harrassowitz Verlag 2006)

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