The domestic Space in LBK Settlements

The domestic Space in LBK Settlements

Edited by Caroline Hamon, Pierre Allard and Michael Ilett. 15 contributions from an international assembly held in Nanterre in October 2010 deal with the topics taphonomy, find distribution, and economy in the Aisne Valley settlements, waste assemblages and waste management at Remicourt, the reconstruction of domestic units from find density in pit fills, longhouses at Brunn-Wolfholz as well as ceramics taphonomy and domestic space at Klein-Auheim and Eythra. Other topics are the pottery distribution at Bylany, domestic activity at Elsloo from under the microscope, aspects of flint working at Geleen, stratigraphic relationship, chronological and spatial correlation of activities in the settlement of blade producers at Velaine, activity areas around Linear Pottery houses, settlement patterns in the Upper Vistula River Basin, the Füzesabony-Gubakút settlement, village layouts in rows and feature-free areas as a clue for settlement structure as well as misinterpretation caused by rigid research premisses. 245 Seiten mit 141 Abb. und 24 Tab., Großformat, gebunden (Internationale Archäologie. Arbeitsgemeinschaft, Symposium, Tagung, Kongress; Band 17/Verlag Marie Leidorf 2013)

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